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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Oral Presentation and H&Ps

Hey all,

I'm back again after a few month hiatus.

I just wanted to post some links that I've found that are quite useful.

I'm getting a little frustrated with my experience on the wards. There is very little concrete prescription on how to do things like an H&P or Oral presentation, even though improving these skills is the ostensible reason we go up to the hospital to probe and pester the patients. . Any advice usually amounts to, "here, let me show you an example....". Great. I know you can make my 10 minute jumbled crap-ball sound crisp in few sentences, but that's not going to help me get any better. /rant Sry.

Anyway, I've done some digging to find resources with direct, generalizable, semi-authoratative guidelines that I can use to improve my oral presentation and patient write ups, and I've found quite a few. What did people do before the internet? Seriously.

University of Washington Med Clerkship
This is a great site. It's really well organized and it's general. It gives direct instructions. Awesome.

UCSD Clincial Medicine
Another incredible site. Not only is there information on H&P and Oral Presentations, but there is a wonderful guide to the physical exam. Someone put a lot of work into this. Hats off to Dr. Charlie Goldberg.

Michigan State SOM Oral Presentation Tutorial
It's nice to actually watch and hear someone do an oral presentation. This is an excellent collection of videos with examples of a model oral presentation. I'm going to look on YouTube for some real medical students doing it. That might be hard to find; I doubt there are many med students on the wards with their camera phones out. Plus, I think that'd be a HIPPA violation.

Some other goodness

H&P Forms and other Scutwork blanks
. A collection of unfilled forms for patient histories. This should make things much easier the next time I go to the wards.

The Neuro Exam
This site goes with everybody's favorite Neuroanatomy book
Nice videos on doing the neuro exam.

I hope these resources help somebody. I know I'm not the only one looking for a little more direction than "Do it like me!" I know that that's going to be every day on the wards next year as every different resident, intern and attending gives me conflicting advice, but at least I'll have something to work off of if I can learn this now.

Update: I'm adding some more

UMDNJ H&P Guidelines

NYU Med Write Up Exam
- This is a good one because it's the full write up with marginal comments.

Falcon Reviews (a test prep company): The Art of Presenting a Patient

- This one isn't what I thought it would be but there are still good guidelines

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