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Learning Medicine
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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sign up to find out about my revamped Pathology deck and possible Step2CK deck

Hi everyone.

I've received emails from some of you asking about when I'll put my Path deck up. Others have also asked me to make a Step2CK/Clerkship deck.

For the Step2CK, it would be good to get some hard numbers on how much demand there is.
Likewise for the Pathology deck.

If you sign up here I will keep you posted about the progress on each of those projects.

Sign up here for news about Path and Step2CK decks

I predict that the Path deck will be ready within a month. The Step2CK is tentative, based on how much interest I get from the form.

As always, thank you for your support. It's what motivates me to keep this blog going.

Happy studying.


  1. any thoughts on making my own anki deck versus using gunner training?

    1. Pros (for Anki):
      You own the deck forever
      You can create the deck as you wish - i.e. add cards for things you learn
      You can use more media than GT has access to
      GT's sources are the same as yours - you're not getting 'special information'
      The algorithm is better on Anki vs. GT (in my opinion)
      Native mobile app

      Cons (against Anki and for GT)
      Time - there is no doubt that you save time b/c GT has made a deck for you

      It's really the time thing. You have to decide how much time you have, how badly you want to control what you learn, and how much you care about having access to Step 1-relevant information even after Step 1 is over. GT is not a bad product. But for the reasons I elaborated, I chose to go it on my own.

  2. I really like this idea of asking for people's feedback! I am sure you will get alot of demand for both decks! If you need any help correlating let me know. I made some cards using master the boards.

    I appreciate all the wonderful work you are doing for all of us!

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