Learning Medicine

Learning Medicine
The Ultimate Guide to Study Skills in Medical School

Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's here! Learning Medicine: An Evidence-Based Guide

Dear Readers,

I'm glad you're still here. I've been quiet here on the DrWillBe blog because I've been hard at work on a major project. For over two years, I've been writing an a book on learning in medical school with my friend and colleague, Dr. Peter Wei. 

Since the inception of this blog, I've written enthusiastically about the power of spaced repetition (SR) using the program Anki. No doubt, SR and Anki are extremely potent, but they are not the only components of highly effective learning. There are many ingredients in that recipe, and so I wanted to flesh out a comprehensive methodology for learning medicine well. 

Learning Medicine is the result of several years worth of research and experimentation on our part to discover the most effective methods for learning in medical school. We've distilled the insights from those efforts so as to create a guide that is very practical, allowing you to apply these high-yield study hacks immediately. 

Here are some highlights from the book:
  • Take a brief tour through the science of learning and memory
  • Learn about the power of spaced repetition for building long-term knowledge
  • Practically apply spaced repetition using the popular app Anki. We give you very specific instructions on how to make this program work for you. 
  • Go step by step through our comprehensive Learning Method, which embodies all the study hacks we discovered in our research.
This is the "instruction manual" so many of you have asked for. It will help you get started using SR decks, like my Pathology Anki deck, and will give you many more tools to continue learning effectively on your own. 

I hope you you find much value in this book. Let us know what you think by leaving comments on the book site, or here on the DrWillBe blog.

Happy Studying!

-DrWillBe (Alex)

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