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Learning Medicine
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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lecture 1 | Machine Learning (Stanford) - YouTube

Lecture 1 | Machine Learning (Stanford) - YouTube:

Two things of interest here:

The course itself: artificial intelligence is really interesting and increasingly relevant. This is the course, I believe, that set off Andrew Ng to create Coursera

Youtube.edu: I wasn't aware that YouTube created a .edu site. Pretty much the same, but what's interesting is that it allows 'playlists' to be generated in such a way that you can organize videos into self-contained courses.


  1. Hello drwillbe
    I am a med 1 student and our program is based on blocks modules: foundation, hematology, pulmonary, reproduction....
    What is the best way if I want to study from your decks?? Please can you provide me with a detailed answer so I can benefits? and will it take me so long to find why I need to study for every module ??
    Thanks a lot

  2. Hi David,

    My decks were not built with modules in mind, but you could easily adapt them. My pathology deck is tagged by systems. Cardiology, pulmonology, etc. Use the 'custom study' function to limit yourself to particular tags. So for example, let's just say you read some Robbin's cardiology chapter. Well, then after you do your reading, fire up my path deck, and use custom study to limit yourself to the 'cardiology' tag. That's it.

    As for the other subjects, they are also broken down by system, usually. So you'll need to do the same thing. Other decks will not be tagged in a useful way, so you'll need to use the 'browser' window to search for cards relevant to your topic of study, and then tag them in such a way that you can use them. So maybe, "exam 5" or something like that. That will take some time.

    I'm flattered that you want to use my cards, but you might consider making your own as well. That will be the best for your purposes.

    Good luck

  3. thanks for your reply
    I have additional questions regarding your new recent deck
    1- is the new anatomy deck complete?
    2- does the microbiology deck contain the media?
    3- what about the behavioral deck? it is missing?

    1. 1 - no. my anatomy deck is not very good. it was the first one i created.
      2- media were corrupted. sorry.
      3 - I don't have one. I found some decent stuff on quizlet.com

      Good luck

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  5. Dear Dr. Willbe,

    I really need help with my OB GYN shelf exam.

    I would really like to contact you by email, please let me know if I may reach out to you and what is the best method for getting in touch.