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Learning Medicine
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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Internal Medicine (Step 2CK) deck in Dropbox

Hey all,

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone is well rested and enjoying the season.

I've put my internal medicine clerkship deck in Dropbox (see link on sidebar). I'm not going to make a Step 2CK deck that is comprehensive, but this deck encompasses the majority of medicine topics. I used Pocket Medicine, Step Up to Medicine and USMLEWorld Step2CK qbank to make the cards. Hopefully they are helpful. For those studying for Step2CK, I'd use these cards as a base, but you're going to have to add your own. There is no ob/gyn, no peds, no psych, no emergency medicine, and only a little bit of surgery stuff.

Good luck!


  1. Hey Alex,
    great job man! seriously, I can't get enough from ur blog, I'm glad I stumbled upon it.
    I noticed u have an amazing Anatomy deck with over 6000 cards, but it's missing the media, so if u can please upload it for us, that would be great.
    thanks again!


  2. Hey Hussam,

    Glad you like my decks! I don't hav the anatomy media anymore. I'm sorry. My anatomy deck is not very good though. It really isn't. So it's not a huge loss.

    If you're looking for cards w/ all the tables and stuff, see my posts on making decks automated from muscle tables and stuff.

  3. Hey Alex,

    Thanks for all the great work you have done. Just wanted to let you know the internal med deck you posted has a lot more than internal medicine (has bible, computer, science and step 1 stuff). Not that it is a problem but you might not had intentions of sharing that material.

    On a related topic, do you know where we may find an anatomy deck that you consider as adequate for shelf study? I recollect you once talked about a deck made by British students, but unfortunately it is no longer available.



    PS: Btw, we are all EXTREMELY curious about how well you scored in step 1 ;)

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for heads up on the decks.

    Do I know you? Contact me through the 'contact' page.

    Re score: see my post on the main page.

  5. Hi,

    Sorry, you don't know me, I'm just a huge anki fan and a follower of your adventures.

    About the score, I'm aware you are not too keen on sharing it publicly, I was just hopping you would change your mind. ;) Anyway, I'm happy anki worked, its such a motivation to all of us.

    Btw, any advice on a good anatomy deck? Its the only thing I'm not making cards for.

  6. Hey Dr.Willbe I have followed your step 1 deck religiously! Passed step 1 thanks to your help! Now I am ready to study for step 2 ck! I will use any deck that you create blindly. So you said this deck is not comprehensive where should I go to fill in the missing blanks of your step 2ck deck? Will you ever make a comprehensive deck? Because I really trust your sources! When I was taking my step your deck really saved me on some really crazy questions!