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Learning Medicine
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trucking along

Hey all,

Just an update. Sorry I've been lapsing on my posts. I'm falling into that rut where everything just blends together. I'm pretty much just doing USMLERx and UWORLD questions.

I feel confident, and I almost wish I were taking the exam today rather than 3+ weeks from now. I think the returns for me will be diminishing, but oh well. That's how it is.

I'm trying to use this excess time for personal learning. I'm spending more time on anatomy than I think is necessary for Step 1, just because I want to bone up on anatomy for my clinical pursuits. Likewise, I'm dedicating extra effort to neuroscience, since I'll be doing that kind of work for my PhD.

In case you're interested, I'm reading the following:

Anatomy: Big Picture: Gross Anatomy (Morton), Thieme's Atlas of Anatomy (Gilroy), First Aid
Neuroscience: Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews: Neuroscience

These resources are excellent and I'm learning a ton. I think Big Picture Gross Anatomy has just the right level of detail for learning anatomy. If you need more, you can refer to Gray's or Moore. Thieme's Atlas of Anatomy is the best I've ever seen. It's far superior to anything else I've used, including Netter's.

For Neuroscience, Lippincott's Illustrated Review is really nice read. It's full of info and it gets right to the point, unlike most undergrad level neuroscience books. Combined with HY neuroanatomy, or even better, Neuroanatomy through Clinical Cases by Blumenfeld, I think that'd be a potent combo for those with an interest in neurology and neuroscience.

Anyway, back to crushing questions. I'll keep you all posted.

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