Learning Medicine

Learning Medicine
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Step 1 Prep: Days 7-14: Lagging

Hey everyone,

Just an update. Last week was kind of a wash for me. I had a lot of family and school obligations, and thus, my study schedule fell by the wayside. I got some anatomy and embryology done at least. I might need to do a little more anatomy studying, but otherwise, I feel comfortable with those topics. With anatomy, biochemistry, behavioral science and embryology behind me, there is no more "new" learning to be done. I can really enter into study mode now and just do a lot of questions from UWorld and USMLERx.

The plan for the next few days is do some reading in selected topics:

Cardiac physiology - Boron and Boulpaep
Respiratory Physiology - Boron and Boulpaep
Pharmacology - autonomic, antiarrhythmics, pharmacodynamics/kinetics - Principles of Pharmacology by Golan

I'll be doing questions as I go along. I'm doing the above reading not so much because I feel deficient for the purposes of Step 1, but because these are topics that I want to really know well for the future and I see now as a fine time to delve in and fill holes. B&B is an awesome and detailed physiology book and I want to zoom in to that level so I can really know the heart and lungs well. I'll update my Anki decks with any nuggets I pull out.

I'll try to make some resources as I go along.

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