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Learning Medicine
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 3: Step 1 preparation - Biochemistry

Biochemistry studying is on the dock for today.

Plan: Move through First Aid Biochemistry as quickly as possible. When I see topics that I want to investigate more fully, I migrate to Lippincott's Biochemistry. Make cards for really high yield stuff. After studying, do questions in USMLERx and UWorld.

What I actually did:

Read First Aid, topic by topic. Went to Lippincott as needed. Goofed off on the web intermittently. In the afternoon, I started doing USMLERx questions. I felt they were pretty lousy actually, so I went and did more UWorld.

Reflection: Nothing really remarkable today. I just need to focus better tomorrow.
Biochemistry is what I studied in undergrad, and I'm amazed at how some of the things I learned back then still remain in my head, somewhere in that murky space of college-stuff. As I went through each topic, I tried to think about how what I was reading would be relevant or important in my clinical or scientific career. It was easier to justify for the latter, but even then, I found it hard motivating myself today.

When I'm done with the biochem studying, I'll post my cards. I took a lot from a deck on Quizlet and I tagged them and added my own. Should be pretty solid when it's done.

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