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Learning Medicine
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Studying Pharmacology

Hey all,

This is going to be a quick one. Someone asked me what resources I used to study Pharmacology.

Here is what I used:

Textbook: Katzung and Trevor's Pharmacology Examination and Board Review
Alternative textbook (what I use for reference these days): Principles of Pharmacology by Golan et al.

Review Book: First Aid for USMLE Step 1 (duh?!)

Cards: My Anki deck. I built this one with my classmates. It's all of First Aid Pharmacology + some Katzung + USMLE world. This covers the bases and helps you drill what you've read.

There are other resources out there, but this is what I used to good effect. Any comments and thoughts are welcome!

Good luck!


  1. Hello! Thanks for the Anki cards. Could you please explain to me how to integrate the ".media" files to the actual ".anki" cards, or are they already integrated.


  2. Hey. Glad you like the cards. See the Studying Pathology thread. I updated with instructions on how to use the media. Good Luck!

  3. Thank you for the prompt reply! I'm sorry, but I do not see the updated instructions on your Studying Pathology thread. I tried to download the entire ZIP off your dropbox and once the file downloaded, it said it was unable to open.

    Thank you for your help!

  4. Thank you thank you thank you. This is making my pharmacology course (and future boards studying) much easier

  5. Awesome! I'm glad you're getting use out of them. They've served me well. I know my pharm. Good luck!

  6. Hey- Are the cards still available to download? I only see an internal medicine link? Thank you for your help!!

  7. Any chance you could repost these?

  8. Hey,
    First thanks a ton for uploading this. I am trying to download your pharm cards but it is giving me an error message. Would you please repost them?

    Thanks a ton. This is public service!

  9. any chance you could re-upload the deck?
    thanks a ton