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Learning Medicine
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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Activities of Adulthood: Buying a House Part 1

It's 8:15 am on Saturday morning. Priscilla and I are about to meet with our favorite local realtor and friend, Tom Hennessey, to go look at houses. Since I moved down here to NC to come to Duke, I've been interested in buying a house to call my own. Many of my classmates have already taken the plunge. Now it's our turn.

I want to chronicle this process, both for posterity, and so that other people in our position might benefit from our blunders and (hopefully) successes. 

We're about to head out the door in a few minutes, so I'll keep the post short for now. We've already taken some steps toward the final goal that are worth reflecting on. I'll share those later.

For now, wish us luck. Hopefully we see some inviting houses this morning. 

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