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Learning Medicine
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Friday, October 8, 2010

MSTP Retreat Part I

Hey all,

I just arrived at the MSTP retreat site in Wrightsville Beach, NC. We're staying right on the beach at the beautiful Blockade Runner resort and hotel.

We've already done a little mingling. There was a poster session followed by an excellent dinner. And by excellent, I mean really really good. Not your usual chicken finger and fries garbage. There was some fine quality protein and veggies. My kind of meal. Yeah, they were offering up some Budweiser with that food, but I won't hold it against them. In all seriousness, sitting in that room surrounded by all the smart, creative, kind and personable people I'm lucky to call my classmates, it hit me how good we've got it. There is a certain cohesion and collegiality about the MSTP that's palpable, and it's really great.

Anyway, I'm tired now. Going to hit the sack now. Breakfast is bright and early at 8 am and then a full day of fun, science and mingling. I'm going to try to sneak away for a while and go fishing on the kayak. I've never fished these beautiful North Carolina waters and so it will be an adventure.


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